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Here’s the REAL reason you can’t stick to exercise…

I’ve worked with hundreds of people with their health and fitness goals over the last few years. Here are a few of the biggest reasons I see why people can’t stick to a consistent routine: (Of course, there are lots of other reasons and it could be a combination of some…) ​ Together, let’s redefine […]

How a Broken Healthcare System is Failing Chronic Pain Sufferers

Time and time again, I’ve heard stories from people struggling with chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues who feel neglected by their healthcare providers. They’ve experienced everything from doctors not believing their pain to a complete lack of long-term guidance. ​The root of this issue often stems from an outdated and disconnected healthcare system, influenced heavily […]

This 69-year-old was told by his doctor to never play golf again.

One day, a 69-year-old ended up needing an emergency life-saving surgery. ​It came as a surprise since this gentleman was generally active and healthy and had no prior health issues. ​Post-surgery the doctors told him, “You are only getting older so there is no point to do things that may hurt yourself! You need to […]