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Let’s BE Resilient

Womens Strength & Rehab Coach

Our program can help you create the strength, confidence and habits for a long-lasting & positive relationship with movement and your body– no matter where you are on your physical fitness or healing journey,  Our holistic and individualized approach to fitness and movement meets you where you are, keeps your goals in mind, and recognizes the challenge of maintaining a consistent fitness routine.

“Be Resilient” encompasses the program’s mission to empower women to cultivate resilience in both body and mind as they pursue their fitness and movement goals.

Your Body, Your Schedule, Your Program

Be Resilient is not a one-size-fits-all program. It is completely customized based on your personal needs and goals. We can tailor a program that helps you build strength, flexibility, power and speed. We can tailor a program that helps alleviate your back pain and increases your mobility. We can tailor a program that just encourages you to move more than you are now. 

Your program will be made to fit you, the equipment you have available and with the time commitment you’re able to make. Your warm-ups, workouts, and mobility will be straightforward, easy to set up, and challenging but doable. 

And we like to make it fun! You’ll perform movements that you’re familiar with and you’ll also be given different strength and agility movements that might feel fun and new for you. We want to incorporate as much functional movement as possible in a unique and enjoyable way.

Our goal isn’t to make you workout so hard that you’re perpetually sore Our goal is to help you move in ways that increase your quality of life

Your fitness goals might be:

  • Keeping up with your kindergartner on the monkey bars at the playground
  • Training for a half-marathon
  • Increasing your bone density as you head into your 60’s
  • Finding a consistent workout schedule after taking time off due to an injury
  • Adding variety to a dull and uninspiring fitness routine

No matter how you want your life to look and feel, we can help you move your body in a way that aligns perfectly with your goals, aspirations, and daily commitments– empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your busy life.

You’re Not In This
Fitness Thing Alone
Supported & Guided Fitness Plan

We understand that implementing a fitness or workout routine is sometimes the barrier to entry when it comes to training and moving consistently. With the Be Resilient program, not only will you be given a tailored workout program, you’ll work 1-on-1 with your coach to talk about your past limitations and work together to find time in your week to meet your goals. You’re not just getting a cookie cutter workout plan; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to resilience and strength.

With The Be Resilient Program You’ll Get:

  • A tailored program created with your specific goals and limitations and equipment in mind
  • Weekly check-ins to discuss movements, wins, accountability, and strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Access to ongoing message support with your coach
  • An invitation to the Be Resilient community to connect and celebrate with other women on their own fitness journeys

So often fitness influencers, trainers, and workout facilities push this idea that if you’re not fully committed to your new lifestyle or extremely motivated, you’re unlikely to see the results you’re hoping for. Being 100% committed and motivated daily is not a requirement in the Be Resilient program. We get it that you’re human, and that motivation wavers occasionally and that life happens, making it hard to stay focused and committed. Our program takes all of these factors into consideration, your unique circumstances, and builds in components that will help you create routines and habits that suit your life and your goals.

Program Details


Typically we program for 4-6 months at a time based on your needs. However, we have plenty of Be Resilient members who have been working with us for months and years at a time.

Equipment needed

We can work with whatever you have available, but we recommend having at least a set of light to moderate dumbbells as well as at least one kettlebell. If you’re interested in exploring using new equipment we can help you find what you need.

Coaching style

Most of our coaching is done virtually. But if you happen to be local to the Middletown, NJ area, please let us know! Video support and ongoing communication and check-ins are provided to ensure you are making progress & hitting those goals.


Hear from current and former Be Resilient members to get a sense of how impactful our program is, in and out of the gym.

My experience with Dr. Shannon Connolly was above and beyond. I had worked with a chiropractor before but working with Dr. Shannon allowed me to both craft an approach that helped me identify the factors which were contributing to my pain and to define a series of strategies to strengthen my body. Dr. Shannon was always extremely kind and does a fantastic job about articulating the hows and whys of what’s going on. Not only have I come to have a much better understanding of my own body and the factors that contribute to its overall feeling, but Dr. Shannon taught me a number of fantastic strategies to balance healthy, personalized strength-building routines with my lifestyle in a sustainable way. I can’t recommend Dr. Shannon enough — it really is a great experience working with her, far more encompassing and insightful than any of my previous experiences with other chiropractors.

Connor Gravelle

I started working with Dr. Shannon about four weeks ago and it has been amazing so far! We had lots of communication and evaluating prior to committing. She is super comfortable to talk to and makes you feel seen and heard and genuinely cares about helping you. I love her method, it’s so unique and keeps you on your toes and it works! 

It’s so nice not having constant pain and tightness, so I’m ecstatic to keep moving forward, to keep gaining strength and mobility, and reach all my goals. I wanted to make sure I was on the right path with gaining strength back, especially after having a C-section, and be strong for my next pregnancy so I would be able to handle a toddler at the same time.

Amanda Wyrembelski

The Visionary Behind Be Resilient Meet Dr. Shannon

Dr. Shannon is a former chiropractor who felt like she wanted to offer her clients more comprehensive support than just the occasional adjustment. Instead of alleviating and managing pain and discomfort in the office, she decided to help people adjust their movement patterns and implement fitness routines that not only would strengthen their bodies, but reduce their need for chiropractic care. She created the Be Resilient program to help folks find a unique workout routine that meets them exactly where they are and guides them along the way to meet their goals.

Dr. Shannon is passionate about creating fitness and movement plans that are straightforward and easy to implement into her clients’ busy lives. Dr. Shannon believes that movement should be used to enhance people’s lives, not cause injury or resentment.