individualized strength, fitness, and pain coaching for women in NJ

Overcome physical limitations and chronic pain. Build life-changing strength & resilience. Thrive on a holistic approach to health and longevity.

Let’s BE Resilient:

Feel confident in your body and increase your physical abilities

Feel supported and inspired to get the work done

Feel in control of your past injuries and physical limitations

You know deep down that effective healthcare isn’t achieved with constant doctors’ appointments and short-term solutions provided by traditional physical therapists, chiropractors, or massage therapists.

You have had enough of quick fixes and trendy techniques, which haven’t helped you live a more resilient life.

Those things may have helped in the past and served their purpose, but you are ready to do something more impactful. You want to feel empowered in your own healthcare. You want a sustainable solution to transform your physical health.

I help people like you:
How often have you felt frustrated by doctors who:
How often have you felt:

As a chiropractor by education, I’ve seen many people attempt to “fix” themselves with shortcuts. In fact, that is how I used to practice. During treatment sessions, I tried to make people feel less tight or tense and fix skeletal and muscular imbalances in their bodies.

Yes, this was helpful in the short-term, but I wasn’t helping people reach their goals to:

And ultimately, to live a high-quality life with minimal setbacks.

Now I take a holistic approach, combining clinical expertise in pain management and injury rehabilitation with my knowledge of fitness and strength training, and my own experience of sports performance. With individualized, progressive fitness programs, I help women get stronger and more confident.

No matter what your fitness level or limitations are, you can get stronger.

Whether you are:

I can help you. 

I’ll be your mentor, so you know when to push hard and when to ease up. And because your exercise plan is built around your needs and goals, working out will be a pleasure, not a chore.


Let’s chat and see if
we are the right fit FIRST:

I want to spend time getting to know you, what you need help with, what you are struggling with, and what has or has not worked for you. It can be hard to trust a new healthcare professional to help you, especially if you have tried so many already.

It pains me that people must go through so many options before they find what works best for them.

Book a FREE
discovery session with me:

This is where we take a deeper dive into the rehab and performance process to give me clarity on your expectations and the outcomes we are aiming for. This will include an initial evaluation to give me a basic idea of what is going on physically. Plus, you can get an idea of how I think and work.

The Be Resilient game plan:

I build an individualized performance plan to maximize your power, strength, and mobility, and prevent injuries. With a training plan that is progressive, you will be able to see your progress over time. I am responsive to your feedback and schedule, so if you experience pain, we will adjust; if you are going on vacation, we will adjust. I can work with you in Middletown, New Jersey, or via video call.

There is no race to win here. It is just you, your body, and your goals. Over time, you become stronger, more confident, and more resilient.

A custom exercise program is only effective if you follow it. You may need to make behavior and lifestyle changes to achieve your health and fitness goals, but you don’t have to do the work alone. I’m a coach in your back pocket who will help you persist despite the challenges life brings. Whether we meet in person or via virtual sessions, I cheer you on when you’re successful, but we will have some hard conversations if needed.

About Dr. Shannon:

Dr. Shannon is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Applied Clinical Nutrition, and Bachelor of Exercise Science. She has a passion for health, fitness, and sports performance, and believes all females are inherently strong and resilient even if they don’t think so about themselves.

She learned the importance of building strength and confidence when she played D1 field hockey in college, which challenged her in every way imaginable. Now Shannon is committed to helping aspiring female athletes find that same strength and confidence earlier in life rather than later. She aims to change the narrative around what it means to be an athlete, making fitness and performance aspirational and achievable for all women.

In Shannon’s personal time, she enjoys scenic bike rides along the Jersey Shore coastline, finding the best meals at top-notch restaurants in NYC, and planning her next exotic trip abroad with her soon-to-be husband, John.

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Amanda Wyrembelski

“I started working with Dr. Shannon about four weeks ago and it has been amazing so far! We had lots of communication and evaluating prior to committing. She is super comfortable to talk to and makes you feel seen and heard and genuinely cares about helping you. I love her method, it’s so unique and keeps you on your toes and it works! 

It’s so nice not having constant pain and tightness, so I’m ecstatic to keep moving forward, to keep gaining strength and mobility, and reach all my goals. I wanted to make sure I was on the right path with gaining strength back, especially after having a C-section, and be strong for my next pregnancy so I would be able to handle a toddler at the same time.”

Ashley Terry

“I have only been working with Dr. Shannon for a few weeks, but I have had a great experience! Her approach is different than most standard healthcare providers and she truly cares about your experiences and progress and is always available to talk you through it. I have had neck pain for two years now and I had neck surgery about a year ago and still deal with chronic neck pain. My pain has decreased, and I love the exercises I do with Dr. Shannon and mental work too. I have appreciated her work so far and I can’t wait to continue to see what we can accomplish! :)”

Connor Gravelle

“My experience with Dr. Shannon Connolly was above and beyond. I had worked with a chiropractor before but working with Dr. Shannon allowed me to both craft an approach that helped me identify the factors which were contributing to my pain and to define a series of strategies to strengthen my body. Dr. Shannon was always extremely kind and does a fantastic job about articulating the hows and whys of what’s going on. Not only have I come to have a much better understanding of my own body and the factors that contribute to its overall feeling, but Dr. Shannon taught me a number of fantastic strategies to balance healthy, personalized strength-building routines with my lifestyle in a sustainable way. I can’t recommend Dr. Shannon enough — it really is a great experience working with her, far more encompassing and insightful than any of my previous experiences with other chiropractors.”