Be Resilient



How It Works

Curious about working with Dr. Shannon to heal your pain, train for a healthy pregnancy and post-partum, or prep for mobility and ease in your old age? Learn about her process to see if working together is right for you.

Fitness Coaching for people who have tried it all but haven’t found their flexible happy medium…yet.

Our holistic and individualized approach to fitness and movement meets you where you are, keeps your goals in mind, and recognizes the challenge of maintaining a consistent fitness routine.

We ask our new clients how they would like their exercise habits, health, and body to be and feel different. 

 They say things like:

I can’t exercise like I used to. A lot of movements are difficult for me. I also refrain from doing things that require physical dexterity, like skateboarding, skiing, biking, which I used to enjoy.” From our client, Tania.

“I am looking to slowly work on integrating weight training into my life. I hate it to be honest, my I know I need to do it to keep muscle in my old age and get toned up.” From our client, Charissa

“I am an off and on person with exercise. I have always been active but when life gets busy (and as a busy mom of 2 and a teacher life is crazy busy) exercise is the first thing to go. I have been trying to follow online plans with little success and feel OVERWHELMED with the information out there on what I am SUPPOSED to do. I hurt my knee in early March- while it doesn’t stop me from moving, living it doesn’t feel great and I want to help it get better.” From our client, Sara.

“I feel like I have a lack of stamina and endurance and a general feeling of weakness. It is very frustrating to feel so weak and out of shape. My back hurts, my plantar fasciitis acts up regularly, and I just know I have to figure out how to get stronger.” From our client, Wendy

Does this sound like you?

We know this isn't your first rodeo. You've tried different therapies and all the modalities. From chiros to PTs, trainers, and so on.
And you are still not where you want to be.

Sometimes it seems like it should simpler than it really is… Just work on your core? Just do more rehab exercises? Finally get and stay consistent with exercise? What’s makes this time any different? We have a guess.

Most doctors and personal trainers don’t include an essential ingredient to lasting results: behavior change. If it was enough to know to just exercise more through strength and cardiovascular training, you’d be there by now! It’s not often only a knowledge issue, it’s a implementation (aka behavioral) one. What you actually need is to increase your behavior change IQ at the same time as your training IQ and that’s what our Be Resilient customized program helps you do.

 You need a game plan that goes above and beyond just telling you to just be more disciplined. 

You may need to learn how to be disciplined.

The “Be Resilient” Game Plan includes:

The “Be Resilient” Method

The Movement

Our method is unique in that we don’t use one specific or specialized method with our clients. Each program is created based on the client, their goals, their past injuries or other physical hindrances. We use the foundations of tried and true strength and conditioning programs as the basis to build each individual program– whether the goal is overall fitness or rehab.

We believe that you should not have to “heal” or achieve a certain weight or movement milestone before you begin exercising again.

Our approach is dynamic: continuously adapting and evolving based on your individual responses and progress. The integration of strength & conditioning with rehab will help streamline your journey towards physical well-being and a newfound confidence and appreciation for your body. We believe that your recovery and your fitness are not separate journeys– rather that when they’re combined they facilitate better outcomes and quicker progress.

The Mindset

We understand that maintaining 100% motivation 100% of the time is unrealistic for most folks. Especially when dealing with an injury or finding yourself back in a fitness routine after time off, it can be hard to jump into any program with tons of enthusiasm. And even for those that start a fitness program with total excitement, that feeling can be fleeting.

That’s where our mindset coaching comes into play.

Just like we help structure a program that helps your body feel better than ever, a big focus is on your mindset and thoughts around your workouts, your body and your lifestyle. We leverage the science of health mindset principles and motivational coaching to help you develop a deep, desirable “why” and help you remain persistent through your transformation.

We often hear people say things like:

“I just gotta get up earlier and make it to the gym”

“I just need to force myself to do the work”

And while these sentiments are an intention to self-motivate, it often isn’t the key to making changes. Without judgment, our approach extends beyond just physical training. We recognize that sustainable change requires a shift in mindset and requires its own attention and dedication.

Our goal is to ensure that even on the toughest days, you feel inspired and equipped to continue, knowing that every small step is a part of a bigger, positive change in your life.

With the Be Resilient program you’ll simultaneously dedicate time to your mindset shifts as well as moving your body to create long lasting change. And we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

We believe that you should not have to “heal” or achieve a certain weight or movement milestone before you begin exercising again.

Our approach is dynamic: continuously adapting and evolving based on your individual responses and progress. The integration of strength & conditioning with rehab will help streamline your journey towards physical well-being and a newfound confidence and appreciation for your body. We believe that your recovery and your fitness are not separate journeys– rather that when they’re combined they facilitate better outcomes and quicker progress.

How To Get Started

1. Apply

Take 5-10 minutes to apply and get your foot through the door. We will review your app promptly and reach out to you if we believe we will be the best fit.

2. Meet Dr. Shannon

I want to spend time getting to know you, what you need help with, what you are struggling with, and what has or has not worked for you. It can be hard to trust a new healthcare professional to help you, especially if you have tried so many already.

3. Lets test, not guess!

This is where we take a deeper dive into your individual true physical abilities and figure out the hardest things you can do well. No more leaving an initial evaluation with a list of all the diagnosis that are wrong with you and leaving you feeling more defeated and hopeless. Dr. Shannon will go through a 60 minute physical evaluation to determine the best starting place to start your training journey. This is all about figuring out your strengths and leaving you feeling empowered and confident in yourself.

4. Crafting Your Gameplan

Depending on your starting place, we will collaborate on the timeline of our initial game plan and frequency of coaching sessions. We provide an in-depth overview for how our coaching and programming can help you achieve your goals, what to expect in that process, and answer any questions you may have. Click here to learn about pricing.

5. You are ready to join

You decide this is the place to be. Congratulations! We work with you on your payment and contract details where we offer a variety of payment options best suited for your budget.

6. Onboarding

We start developing your program to get you started. No two clients start at the same place. You'll notice how collaborative and involved you are as the client. At this time, you'll be invited to join our programming platform, and we'll walk you through best practices and what to expect.

7. Let’s Get to Work

You're beginning your first few check-ins, beginning to get a hang of what it's like to have a compassionate and accountable coach in your corner as you start taking the small steps to make progress towards your big goals.

Dr. Shannon's Custom Exercise Program Features & Benefits


Packages are totally personalized! Based on length of programming and our check in calls/virtual sessions will determine what the investment looks like. You can expect anywhere between $250-$499 a month. 

This is very much dependent on the program that is built for you personally based on your goals, needs, preferences, etc. We have lots of flexibility and options in terms of payment plans and how to make it work best for you given your financial situation.

Stephanie Godwin
Stephanie Godwin
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shannon. I have had chronic back pain since high school and working with her has significantly improved my pain, strength, and quality of life. I am now able to do things I never thought were possible and challenge the beliefs that I didn’t even know were holding me back.
Tina Listar
Tina Listar
I've been working with Dr. Shannon for about 6 months now. Before I met her, I was having issues with my neck, shoulders, hips, and feet. I also had a mental block when it came to exercising. I knew I needed to exercise, but just kept coming up with excuses. I am now doing strength training exercises 3 days a week and have a whole new mindset in general. I can actually jump, use a kettlebell, and do exercises that I've never tried before! I am so grateful to her for not only helping me with my physical activity, but improving my mental clarity as well. Thank you, Dr. Shannon!
Jennie N
Jennie N
Working with Dr. Shannon has been one of the best decisions of my life. It’s been almost 6 months and all of the chronic pain I had for years has either disappeared or decreased significantly. More importantly - I’ve learned the tools to navigating my flare ups. I know when my back starts to really hurt, that my body is asking me to do something differently, and Shannon has helped me learn so many different ways to explore what that difference might be. She is incredibly helpful and motivating, a constant source of positive reinforcement, and your biggest cheerleader. I appreciate the constant experimenting to figure out what works and doesn’t work for me. Workouts in person are full of wonderful conversation and connection so you really feel like you’re connecting with an actual person who cares about you and your progress and health - which isn’t something I can say for 99% of my experiences in any medical setting. If you’re considering working with her, take the leap!!
Abigail Seeback
Abigail Seeback
Dr. Shannon has completely changed my mindset on how to manage chronic pain. I was very active in high school, went to the gym, ran, etc. Then around 19 years old I started having a lot of unexplained joint pain and other symptoms (fairly certain I have hyper mobile EDS, but that’s another story). Now after almost a decade later of failed injections, medications, and specialists, I finally understand that physical therapy is the best medicine. Only thing is, you have to know how to do specific movements in the right “dose”, as Shannon always says. I have tried to join gyms and go to classes, only to come home with ice packs all over my body while holding back tears laying in bed. It’s never been productive and honestly always made me want to try to be more active even less. Also, the weekly 30 minute video call with her is what has kept me motivated, even on days when my mental health is in the toilet and I just don’t want to do the workout. The “coach” aspect is what has kept me going for 10 weeks now. Do yourself a favor and book a consult with her!!
Ashley Terry
Ashley Terry
UPDATED REVIEW!!! I have been working with Dr Shannon for over a year now. I can sum up my experience with one sentence...Dr. Shannon saved my life. That might seem a little extreme but it is the truth. Prior to working with her I had seen multiple physicians, chiropractors, a physical therapist, a chronic pain specialist, and had spinal fusion surgery due to chronic neck pain I have been suffering from for over 2 years. I was at my wits end. I came to Dr. Shannon feeling hopeless, sleep deprived, fatigued, and having very little quality of life. I couldn't lift a laundry detergent bottle, provide daily care for my son, or even wash my hair due to the chronic neck pain. When I first spoke with Dr. Shannon I felt a glimpse of hope because of her kind demeanor and caring personality. From the beginning I felt like a friend to her rather than just another patient. She listened to my entire story and was the first medical professional that truly cared. She created an individualized plan that suited my unique lifestyle. In one year she has helped me strength my body and improve my confidence to be able to live the life I aspire to have. I am now able to take care of my son, do activities of daily living for myself, and have increased my strength to do more than I thought I would ever be able to. So like I said before, she saved my life and increased the quality of it. If you're looking for something different than the common health care approach, keep your mind open and maybe Dr. Shannon can save your life too!
Rachael Clark
Rachael Clark
Dr Shannon is how ALL medical practitioners should be. I started my original journey over 2 years ago when I saw Dr Shannon in person and she was immediately warm and wanting to help. I’ve had issues with my back since my 20’s (so for over 20 years I’ve had bad flare ups come and go but fairly consistent pain that I just had to live with) and Dr Shannon is the very first practitioner (I’ve seen a lot over the years) who didn’t want to band aid a fix but find a solution to improve and strengthen me for the long term. I took a year off before seeing Dr Shannon again recently which I now do virtually and I’m about 8 weeks into a tailor made strengthening program and I feel the best I have been for years and improving each week. Energy, flexibility, strength and sleep patterns all have improved. I highly recommend Dr Shannon, she is an incredible and inspiring coach and a delightful person to work with.
Jussi Myers
Jussi Myers
I’ve had issues with mobility, poor range of motion and injuries most of my adult life from athletics and my manufacturing job. Not only is Dr. Connolly a stand-up individual, she’s very knowledgeable and down to Earth. She’s helped me understand my body and how to approach with ways to remedy my faults and to turn them into strengths. I highly recommend working with her. You become more than a patient, you become a student.
Stephen Bryant
Stephen Bryant
We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Shannon ! Watching her work with my daughter both on and off the feild we saw huge improvement in all areas of the game. Most importantly we saw a huge shift in her confidence . So much so even her High School coach commented that she she’s a marked change in her confidence and level of play ! I highly recommend Shannon she is the real deal !!!
Amanda Wyrembelski
Amanda Wyrembelski
I started working with Dr. Shannon about 4 weeks ago and it has been amazing so far! We had lots of communication and evaluating even prior to committing. She is super comfortable to talk to and makes you feel seen and heard and genuinely cares about helping you. I love her method, it's so unique and keeps you on your toes and it works! My main issue was pain/tightness/seizing up in my right shoulder/neck area and I have seen awesome improvement in just the four weeks we've been working together 😃 I love the customization of her method. It's so nice not having constant pain and tightness, so I'm ecstatic to keep moving forward, to keep gaining strength and mobility and reach all my goals. I wanted to make sure I was on the right path with gaining strength back especially after having a c section and be strong for my next pregnancy so I would be able to handle a toddler at the same time. I feel stronger every day 😊 That's what Dr. Shannon is all about, is helping you reach your goals with the functional fitness aspect for everyday life😊 10/10 recommend working with her! PLUS it's so doable, she makes it to where you can fit it into your already busy schedule. Take it from a busy mom😉