Be Resilient



Curious about working with Dr. Shannon to heal your pain, train for a healthy pregnancy and post-partum, or prep for mobility and ease in your old age? Learn about her process to see if working together is right for you.

1. Let’s get to know each other

I want to spend time getting to know you, what you need help with, what you are struggling with, and what has or has not worked for you. It can be hard to trust a new healthcare professional to help you, especially if you have tried so many already.

2. Book a FREE discovery session with me:

This is where we take a deeper dive into the rehab and performance process to give me clarity on your expectations and the outcomes we are aiming for. This will include an initial evaluation to give me a basic idea of what is going on physically. Plus, you can get an idea of how I think and work. You can book your discovery call by visiting my calendar and finding a time that works for you.


3. Custom exercise program and coaching

I build an individualized performance plan to maximize your power, strength, and mobility, and prevent injuries. With a training plan that is progressive, you will be able to see your progress over time. I am responsive to your feedback and schedule, so if you experience pain, we will adjust; if you are going on vacation, we will adjust. I can work with you in Middletown, New Jersey, or via video call.

There is no race to win here. It is just you, your body, and your goals. Over time, you become stronger, more confident, and more resilient.

A custom exercise program is only effective if you follow it. You may need to make behavior and lifestyle changes to achieve your health and fitness goals, but you don’t have to do the work alone. I’m a coach in your back pocket who will help you persist despite the challenges life brings. Whether we meet in person or via virtual sessions, I cheer you on when you’re successful, but we will have some hard conversations if needed.

Features and Benefits of Dr. Shannon’s Custom Exercise Program

      • Access your custom programming from your phone, tablet or laptop, anywhere, anytime

      • Your coaching app allows you to ask questions and message your coach as you go through your workout

      • The coaching app will show you exactly how to do the exercises, for how long, and how many reps

      • Track your reps, weights, and exertion level from week-to-week

      • Get 1:1 coaching to support your mobility and strength goals

      • Join a private network of others in the program to share challenges, victories, nutrient-rich recipes, group workouts and group coaching calls

      • Strategically scale the intensity of your workouts as you get stronger and faster

      • Proactively modify your typical programming to accommodate injury, sickness, or travel plans